Our unique design jewelry

Why do we wear jewels? They symbolise something to us don’t they? Not the regular ones but the special ones that we were on a certain occassion. Delve with us onto the creation of the journey of our unique collection of jewels inspired by variety of cultures and symbols.

Farvahar Emperor Collection

The Farvarah Emperor Collection has been created with passion and is one of the most significant symbols of Persian culture. The ancient Middle Eastern culture  inspired this collection with its richness and diversity to incorporate them into our jewels. Farvarah symbolises good thoughts, good words and good deeds. Persians have been wearing such pieces for centuries and this had never gotten out of fashion.  Wearing a piece of our collection might make you feel inspired to do just that. The beautiful red gemstone tailored into a lustrous gold is the perfect combination for the bold looks that you might aspire to wear. These are made from silver and plated into gold with the rare ruby red gemstone.


Wayang collection

The Wayang collection is inspired from the Javanese culture Ferlin was grown up with. It symbolizes the traditional Indonesian theatre that is represented by puppets who throw shadows.  The dramatic stories are related to the domestic mythologies and legends. These shapes of the figures of the puppets were the main inspiration behind incorporating them into the jewelry. Wayang originally from the Indonesian language stands for imagination. Therefore, when carrying those bracelets on your wrist you can create your own story of what would the symbol mean to you.


One of the most unique

Enchanted Peacock Collection

Peacock is the possessor of one of the most admired human characteristics. The peacock carries the symbol of pride and vanity. Peacock is symbol of the home place of the creator of Bandung in Indonesia where Ferlin was born. Ferlin feeling deeply inspired had decided to incorporate these enchanting vibrant colors into this jewelry. These pieces are made out of  from white gold and are frosted by the beautiful green emerald and the legendary blue sapphire stones. Indeed, wearing pieces as such can only make you feel truly precious and desired and as royal as this animal is symbolised to be.

brand new 

Re-born peacock collection

This beloved peacock collection had to be extended over this beautiful updated necklace. Coming from white gold we wanted to feel royal at its very core. Therefore, white gold was subsidized by yellow gold. We had remained the legendary emerald stones at the peacock’s train. To truly offer the sense of royalty on the crest we have stamped one of our finest diamonds.

The Geometric collection 

The Geometric collection was inspired by the city where Ferlin had finnished her journey, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Indeed, she was inspired by the mesmerizing modern architecture that the city carries. One of the most extraordinary buildings that charactirize her current hometown are the cubic houses or locally called “Kubus”. Indeed, these buildings are 3 dimensional cubic shaped houses where people reside and which have become one of the most extravagent yet inspiring bouldings that thousands of tourists seek annually. Indeed, she had come with her revolutionary 3D jewelry pieces ranging from rings, bracelets up till necklaces. These the perimeter pieces are made out from prominent materials such as gold and silver. These are polished by one of some of the most precious stones such as ruby red, or emerald and even highly desired blue sapphire.  


 The new beginning

The new beginning symbolizes the new era of Ferlin’s life. After her father passed away who was an all time influence to her throughout her art career as well as her jewelry making. She felt this is the new era for her and she wanted to depict it and dedicate this to the life without him. The sculpture lady symbolizes a move towards her new life. The wings that she carries on her head are symbolizing her flying away and moving forward. The wings that are part of the head are only a supporting factor. However, stepping forward she indeed tries to climb onto the next step of her life. We are sure many of you out there had gone through the point where life got a bit more difficult, however you still needed to keep moving. This collection might be just catered for you… those who are trying to step forward. These beautiful and very unique pieces are made out from different types of white, yellow and champagne pink gold polished by the blue sapphire, green emerald and red garnet stones.


Designed and Handmade In House

All of these designs are made carefully in one of our studios in the Hague, the Netherlands and Hong Kong. Made from finest materials such as gemstones, and finest silver and gold we only deliver the best quality for the value. Indeed, having only limited number pieces in our collections there is always the possibility to cater to your needs and wishes. 

Hence, FY Fine Jewelry can accustom to your wishes by simply giving us the details you would want. We can add gold, or add stones of color or even diamond upon your wish. Of course the price will then vary depending on the materials being used.