Our Story

Ferlin Yoswara’s passion for art and design started when she was a child. Inspired by all the things around her, she started competing in art competitions at an early age. Later on, she went on to study gold and silversmithing and the art of gemstones and metals in the Netherlands. Following her degree in Fine Arts, she worked in Indonesia and the Netherlands. Her artworks have been collected by International collectors, the Dutch Royal family, world leaders and museums.





Every single piece is handcrafted with the most luxurious and durable materials. Our designs incorporate
gemstones, diamonds, sweet water pearls and are exclusively made with the finest gold and silver.




Bold designs, inspired by Ferlin’s Chinese-Indonesian background, are part of FY Fine Jewelry’s DNA. Jewelry is an artwork you always carry with you, and FY Fine Jewelry’s design reflects this philosophy.





FY Fine Jewelry pays tribute to femininity with her elegant designs. We are committed to making
everybody feel beautiful with our timeless and sophisticated designs.

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If you have any questions or you would like to contact us to design a piece together, please fill
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FY Fine Jewelry

FY Fine Jewelry designs unique hand-made pieces to make your special moments shine.


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